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Marionette Remix - Out Now 

'Channelling Joy Division and other new wave greats, Denim Teeth combines some seriously catchy riffs with a spacey, melancholic sound.' - HotPress

'Denim Teeth have proven themselves to be true members of the ever expanding and explorable genre, and their latest offering is a testament to their boundless creativity.' - Void Magazine


Denim Teeth is a high-octane post-punk band hailing from North Dublin City. The likes of Joy Division, Fidlar, The Smiths, Stone Roses, and DIIV undoubtedly inform their sound, fueling an energetic mixture of darkness and chaos. DT infuses the melody and melancholy of 80s new wave, the attitude of garage punk and the darkness of goth. Denim Teeth excels as a live band, leaving stages in a blizzard of ambient noise, loud fuzzy guitars, crushing breakbeats and the charismatic chaos of lead singer, John 'Johnno' Reilly, who can go from an Ian Curtis Style croon to a banshee like scream amidst the noise of the band. 

After the success of their third single 'Porcelain Hand', Denim Teeth are back with their fourth studio single, 'Hypnodisc'. Taking influence from early 80s post punk, the melodies and the juxtaposition between the verse and chorus showcases the bands more pop sensinilites, while staying true to their core sound. 


Johno - Vocals, Glenn - Bass, Conor - Guitar, Dan C - Guitar, Dan Mc - Drums 

Image by Josh Nuttall


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